38% of Women Prefer “Nice Guys”

Nice guys finish last? Not always. Squeaky-clean men don’t have to hide their natural personalities to attract girls online. It’s most likely a tired cliché that all girls like the “bad boy”. In actuality, women are usually more attracted to confidence, a sense of humor, and men who know how to treat women with the respect they most certainly deserve.

The men who are planning to alter their personalities online just to get a date should look at this statistic and think again. As people often say, just be yourself.

via TheReachest


One comment on “38% of Women Prefer “Nice Guys”

  1. 30's Dater says:

    I think all women like nice men – the problem is guys confuse being nice with being a repelling feminine beta which all women hate. That’s the “nice guy” that blows your phone up, is needy, borderline stalker etc that complains that women only want “bad boys”. They confuse “bad boys” with masculinity, that they lack.

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