Happy Ending Story!

Happy Valentines Day!! Wish you all to find your love and be happy. And here is one story with happy end.

“Kyle first messaged me in December 2010. After messaging a few times, he gave me his number. I was leery to call, so I waited. We told each other what we do for a living and our favorite things. I found out he worked at one of the local malls, so I told him I would come and see him at work. I NEVER did. hahaha. Finally, we met after a week of emails, phone calls, text messages, and video chatting. We met at the mall by Santa Claus. I thought I would make a grand entrance by taking the escalator down to the lower level, it was broken. hahaha, so I had to walk down. After walking around the whole stage and looking for him, I couldn’t find him. So I pulled out my phone and pretended to be talking to someone. I looked up to the upper level, exactly at the moment, he looked down. Our eyes LOCKED. It was an insane phenomenon that had never happened to me before. Kyle ran down the broken escalator and almost tripped, before running up to me and hugging me. We then left the mall and went to Target, where we bought construction paper and safety scissors. We then went to Kyles house to make paper snowflakes, and watch Santa Clause 3. We cuddled and talked, and talked. Before we knew it, it was 1 AM. Kyle drove me back to my car at the mall. We kissed goodnight, and I drove home. On the way home, I remember telling myself, “I’m in love!” We have been together ever since, and we are engaged to be married December 2013.”


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