Type of Guys you can meet on Online Dating Sites

  • Honestly just wanna fuck anyone who’s up for that (respect for being honest and brave)
  • Wanna fuck but not anyone. She has to be good looking and well built, intellectual and fun. And, of course, he will see her whenever he has time (good luck with that)
  • Wanna jus fuck but can’t say it and pretends he wanna serious relationship (common, just be a man)
  • Wanna sexting (will never understand that)
  • Wanna texting forever (are you sure you exist)
  • Don’t wanna anything just wasting your time (who are you, mysterious creatures?)
  • Don’t know what they want, at all (well, sh..t happens)
  • Looking for a babysitter, ask you to come over and just to sleep with you (are you homeless, or what?)
  • And maybe, 1% really wanna relationship and ready to work for that (where are you hiding?)

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