Police describe Tinder horror stories and the dangers of online dating

With the swipe of a finger, anyone can choose a person they’re interested in meeting on Tinder.

If you make the wrong move, Andrew Peterson said users could wind up on a date they were never supposed to attend.

“I mean, every time I would go ahead and meet up with someone, it would be kind of weird,” said Peterson.

Peterson’s experience with online dating is nowhere near what some users have gone through, though.

Police said two Morristown men posed as women on Tinder, deceiving the men who agreed to meet them. Instead of wining and dining the women they were expecting, the victims were physically assaulted and robbed at gunpoint.

“The best thing was to stop using Tinder for me,” said Peterson.

Peterson said horror stories, like the one out of Morristown, and his will to meet women the old fashion way led him to delete the app.

‘It was just kind of weird, and I guess I just had a bad vibe going into it,” said Peterson.

Anyone that wishes to swipe through profiles, Captain Bob Wooldridge said, should set some boundaries.

“You never want to meet anybody in a residence, apartment or condo,” said Captain Wooldridge. “You would want to meet them in a coffee shop that’s open,” he added.

Captain Wooldride said the best way to stay safe when meeting someone from Tinder or other dating sites is to take a friend or let them know where you’re going.

via Local8


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