Top 10 Best Welcome Messages from Dating Sites

  1. You are funny. How many men with disorders did you meet?
  2. Would you like to fall in love with me? Please let me know
  3. Lmao. your extensive list criteria is structured exactly the way I would make a list (I’m a coordinator at an IT company).I respect your candor so respect mine. I have a couple of concern:- What does NO PIC – NO ANSWER mean? (does anybody know what it means?)
    – I worried that your free time is super limited? (did I tell you that? from what exactly did you make this conclusion?)non-monogamy is not really a problem if you want casual sex and are into the same bedroom stuff that I am (I like candor in that department as well). But if you’re looking for a guy to call every once in a blue moon for a dinner date and fawn over you, then that’s a deal breaker for sure.
  4. Email me back if your the serious type of girl. (I have to admit that is a really good try, lol)
  5. Are you serious or funny
  6. The Super Silly Monkey… The Big Bad Bear…. or, The Intellectual Dolphin… Which one of the three would you prefer hanging out with :p
  7. Click: Nope. Click: Yikes. Click: Uhhhhh. Click: Oh hell no…..
  8. I love dogs and you?
  9. I can match socks. I think I totally match your criteria
  10. Would you marry me?

4 comments on “Top 10 Best Welcome Messages from Dating Sites

  1. 30's Dater says:

    Great list for 18 year olds

    Liked by 1 person

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