15 Shocking Facts About Online Dating

Pictures are less important than you think

Surveys found that when it comes to pictures versus the “About Me” section, pictures are of 45% importance to most users, while the “About Me” section is of 55% importance.

Sorta single

51% of online daters are in a non-married but committed relationship and either looking to end that relationship soon or looking to cheat. Eleven percent are married and only 21% are actually single.

The ghost picture

Don’t assume that any user who doesn’t have a photo must be A) Fake, B) Hideous or C) Famous. The research found that as much as one-third of online daters don’t upload a photo.

Critical information

Of that “About Me” section, what users look to first are the age and the geographical location of the other user. The research found these two pieces of information quickly rule someone out, or keep them in the game.

Race to the altar

People who meet online tend to get married much quicker than those who meet offline. Those who meet online and form a relationship will be married on average within 18 months, whereas those who meet offline will be married on average within 42 months.

And the success rate is…

In 2010 a survey found that 17% of married couples met online. By 2013 this number jumped to over a third.


The top deal breakers are religion, smoking, drinking, religious views, education, children and political views. You’ll notice a line of work isn’t in there.

The odds are in the woman’s favor

About 52% of online daters are men and 48% are female.

It’s most popular in China

Chinese people use online dating sites more than any other country in the world.

What women lie about

Here’s what women lie the most about on their profiles: Weight, outlook on life, age.

What men lie about

Here’s what men lie about age, height, income. Men also lie more about how many partners they’ve had, and what they’re hoping to get out of online dating.

The scams and the creeps

Surveys found one out of 10 users are online only to scam people, and one out of 10 sex offenders use online dating to meet people.

What women are afraid of

Most women report that what they’re afraid of in online dating is being killed.

What men are afraid of

Men are afraid of meeting a woman who is controlling and jealous.

Hooking up

One out of 3 women who meet someone online have sex on the first date and 8 out of 10 of those do not use protection.


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