Why some people say or do stupid things and then behave like it’s me insulted him?

Was seeing a guy. Met maybe 3 or 4 times. He told me how bad was his ex and how cool was him. All of his stories were told in a very rude and disrespectful way about all his exes including his ex-wife. The wrong bell, I know.

After some time I was driving and he was with me when my ex-hub called me and we kinda fought and I hand up on him. This guy didn’t say anything.

Another day we were out and I smoked. He smoked with me too. And didn’t express any concerns about that.

After a couple of days, he messaged me asking how am I doing, blah blah blah and then just randomly said that I’m totally spoiled, never control myself what I’m saying. How could I be so rude with my ex-hub? Also, that it is so gross that I’m smoking….

Really? Wtf?

Then he said that he proposed his wife after 3 weeks of dating and that I’m totally not serious about anything and him wishing me good luck and blocked me everywhere: Fb, Instagram, cell phone. So I even didn’t have a chance to respond him accordingly…. like ‘Ha Ha Ha, you are a fuc…ng idiot. Bye’.

Whatever. Forgotten next second.

Half a year later. He saw me on some online dating site and messaged me something innocent like ‘Hey, how are you? Nice pics…’ Say I was surprised means say nothing.

I ignored his message and blocked him there. So he messaged me on my personal email chat. I ignored him there too. But the best part was that he found (have no idea how) my work email and messaged me there. Saying ‘Common, don’t be so childish. Why did YOU block me everywhere? We had such a great time together. I liked you so much. I didn’t say or did anything so you would be like that. You are the one who was rude to me and it’s me should feel insulted and block you everywhere…….’

All my thoughts at that moment wtf?????wtf??????wtf???…………..

So the question is HOW people can be like that? Is it some kind of behavioral disorder? Or I don’t understand something in this life?

To me, it looks the same mental problem as when people taking their selfies in the bathroom in sunglasses.


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