Are You Being Used For Money In Your Relationship?

When you started dating this person, has your bank account been on a downward slope? See these signs to know if the one you like pays more attention to your bank balance more than your love?

#1 The user pays for the first dates and then expects you to pay for the next 30. Apparently, this is a sly technique that users like to use in order to guilt-trip you into paying for future dates. They’ll blatantly show how generous they are and how much they’re spending on you so you’ll do the same for them.

But the problem is that once they stop paying for dates, they’ll never start again. And the worst part is that future dates become increasingly more expensive than the first few ones they paid for!

#2 The user always has a sob story that only money can solve. Your new squeeze’s grandmother/sister/uncle/second cousin twice removed, borrowed some money from them to pay for the dental surgery and that’s why they’re broke. And the next week, you notice that they need money for an electrician, for a doctor’s appointment, for an ultrasound, to replace a faulty appliance, to take the dog to the vet, and a series of expenditures that they had never prepared for!

This can turn into a pattern when the user will always ask you for money, and the story behind it would be so heartbreaking that you’d just relent. But the worst part is that when you ask about the surgery or any of the other things you helped with financially, the user doesn’t seem to know what you’re talking about, or they always have a good story to change the topic to something else.

#3 Your arguments start and end with money. The user gives a fit when you refuse to pay for something. There doesn’t seem to be anything that would placate them aside from that thing they want you to pay for. In time, you’ll start to notice that the quick fix for your arguments is expensive jewelry, gadgets or a down payment for a car. Yikes!

You’ve probably tried more personalized and heartfelt ways of showing your love like love letters, office surprises or breakfast in bed. But it seems like the happiness of your significant other is directly proportional to the dent they leave on your bank account.

#4 The user is too proud of your possessions. Meeting your significant other’s friends is always a plus in our book. But you may notice that instead of being proud of your achievements and your qualities, the user highlights the fact that you have a fancy car, you live in the affluent part of town or you make six digits monthly!

#5 The user has expensive taste. There’s nothing wrong with the expensive taste. Some people are just used to that sort of thing. But it will start to get alarming when your dates are always in five-star hotels, fine dining restaurants and trips to exotic locations.

When you try to suggest a cozy little hole-in-the-wall with great homemade brews, your date raises an eyebrow and insists on going to the most expensive restaurants in the city.

#6 The user isn’t motivated to earn money. Maybe you dated your significant other for their sophistication and brains. But despite a diploma from a good college and the chops to succeed in their field, your partner doesn’t have the drive to work and earn their own money.

It seems like you’re feeding, clothing and housing someone who just wants to bask in your riches. On one hand, it may feel good that your partner needs you. But on the other hand, the dependence on your paycheck may be more than you can bear!

It definitely feels good to be needed. But when you’re needed only for what your body and your money can do, then it may be a sign that you’re dating the wrong person.

Do you see any of these signs you’re being used for money in your own relationship? Give yourself a break and find someone who sees you as more than a walking wad of cash.


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