Why People Lie?

Does anybody know why people lie?

I know a million of examples when people lie. Doesn’t matter is it a girl or a boy. Lie about everything. From something simple till cheating.

I could see a potential reason to lie if people been together for toooooo long. Have kids, properties, credits, bills…… together. It may seem the way to complicated just to stand up and leave. Will skip this part.

But when people just met. Just started to date. This romantic and nice period of their life. And then….boom. Why if people don’t feel comfortable with another half, they can’t just leave? Just say ‘Sorry, I don’t wanna continue’ and leave? Make yourself happy? Yes, you may hurt your girlfriend/boyfriend. But, at least, it will be honest. And, I think, the lies hurt more.

Is it really that hard?


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