Why People Being Rude?

Always was curious why people being rude? I don’t face it very often, but when it happens is simply freaking me out.

Recently, a guy on POF asked me if I would be interested in date an older guy (he is 12 years older than me)? I replied ‘prolly not’. And the fun began.

I understand that word ‘prolly’ is not grammar correct. But, common, its a chat. Not a novel or something.

Anyway, I was told that ‘That’s Ok. You have very bad grammar anyway. And it is the same important as a personal hygiene’.

Seriously? Does he really think it hurts?

Can’t stand for rudeness like that. Replied back to him re-consider his possibilities and the level of self-confidence next time he will decide talk to a woman.

So, the question is ‘Why do people need to be rude?’ Does it really that hard to shut your f***ng mouth and keep going?



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