Public Accounts And Online Dating

I am always curious if a guy telling me that he doesn’t have a public profile. No Facebook? No Twitter? No Instagram? No Gmail?


No even pics on the WhatsApp?


I understand that it can’t be a requirement. Not all of us like to share personal life. And not all of us care to share anything at all.

But, from the other hand, how do I know that you are not lying to me?

How do I know that you are real?

If a person going on an Online Dating Site should have at least one public profile? Can’t it be mandatory? Just to prove that he/she is real?

I know so many stories and have personal experience when the pics of a guy haven’t had any connection with the reality.

Don’t like blind dates but the process of verification is kinda annoying, so usually if a guy can’t prove his identity, I just stop talking until he does.

And how you do you do it?


One comment on “Public Accounts And Online Dating

  1. 出会いのニオイを嗅ぎまわっていれば、今週中でも、通勤中でも出会いは探し当てられます。必須となるのは、自分に自信を持つこと。状況に関わらず、独特の性質を生かして胸を張っていることが不可欠です。


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