10 Free Features on POF (Plenty of Fish)

Each dating site has some free features and for some, you have to pay. In my today’s post I’m gonna share with you what can you get for free on POF.

First of all, I would like to note, that on POF you don’t have to pass 500 questions first and only after that find out that you have to pay, as on many other online dating sites.

Right after you created and confirmed your account you can start using it and fill out tests later (like chemistry test and some other).

So, here is the list of free options on POF:

1. Registration

2. You can read messages. And it is unlimited. And I think this is the most important option on any dating site

3. You can see if your message was read. Actually, it is not a free feature but still, you can do it. And here is how!! (Plenty Of Fish – Plenty Of Bugs)

4. You can see who viewed your profile

5. You can see who wants to meet you. Also, it is not a free thing but you can do it (Plenty Of Fish – Plenty Of Bugs)

6. And view users too. Even those who has Updated profile (well, you can’t see updated profile, but basic, like description, pics,… you can)

7. You can see who favorited you

8. Add people in favorite too

9. You can use search and even advanced search option

10. You can post your pics

Maybe, this list is not that long, but it is pretty much enough to use the dating site for free (and even some premium features for free too). As most of the other, popular dating sites won’t let you use even the basic features if you didn’t pay for that.

Also, can’t mention that POF has a huge number of users, like about 100 000 000 registered users. And personally, it is my favorite dating site.

See you soon,



Online Dating Sites Review – Personal Experience

I’ve been registered not on many but various online dating sites in the last 3 years. And here is my opinion. (For the reference and comparison to say I had full info and the same profile pictures on all of them)

Elite Singles

I had paid account. In 3 days I got ZERO messages.

I searched the site and didn’t find anyone interesting.

Looks like this place doesn’t have users at all, even tho they claim that they have +45.000 new users every month and every 8 mins a single find a love.

Not sure about this statistic, but facts saying the opposite.

But can’t not to mention, that I requested the payment back. And they did refund the whole amount.


Here I had paid account as well. This time for a month.

I got messages. I would say lots of them. But the web-site interface…. I just hated it. Not convenient to use at all.

They saying their community has 38.000.000 singles worldwide. Well, I assume all of them live outside of Canada because I haven’t had even one date in a month.


Had paid account too. Been with them for 3 months.

Not sure about the numbers for this web-site. But can say that the choice is good. Search filters work well as well so I was able to narrow auditory and select.

Got ton’s of messages and went many times on the dates. Not without funny and creepy stories…..But still – got experience.

The only this I don’t like about them is that I deleted my profile permanently more than a year ago, but still getting emails from them saying that someone messaged me, liked me,….. even tho that before the deletion I removed all my pics. Weird and annoying.


Had free account. They provide enough free features, such as read messages and see who vied you, so don’t see a need to pay.

The general impression: OkCupid – OkStupid.

The quality of users literally poor. The worst online dating site I would say.


Free account. Also, can use some paid features for free. (How? Read here: Plenty Of Fish – Plenty Of Bugs).

Been here on and off for the last 6 months.

Love the interface and logic, even tho would improve some.

Millions of users of different quality. Thousands of emails.

Went on the dates. Met some good some bad guys. Lots of liars (but, common, you never know).

Still, think it is the best online dating site.


Short note for those who knows me personally: Calm down, I’m not gonna sell myself. Just curious to see what is all about 🙂

Well, I guess according to the name you already got what is it. But be honest just registered, haven’t uploaded the pic yet. So will let you know in the near future what is it.



A Guy who bites

So, I met this guy on POF. We texted and called each other for a month. He played songs to me on the piano and guitar on the phone. Very sweet.

Once he tried to sext with me. Okay…. After I asked when are we gonna finally meet. He was surprised and said he doesn’t really see a need to meet. Okay….

Finally, we decided to meet. Wow. Can’t believe this day is here.

We lived pretty far from each other. But since we both drive. And I love driving. I didn’t mind.

I was half way the target when he called me and said that there is something urgent happened at his work and he has to leave so we can’t meet. Okay….. Then, he assumed, since I’m already half the way from him, and he really wanna see me, maybe we will just meet, see each other and he will leave. Okay…. As I also was very curious.

So we met!!! He was shorter that promised. Older than promised. But it would be still Okay if he wouldn’t behave very weird. He was literally running around me. Tried to grab me. Touch me. Was very hyper. Something was wrong with him for sure.  And when I didn’t let him grab my butt and was on the way to my car, he just jumped on me and bit my arm!!!! :O

OMG! What was that? I screamed like crazy. There were lots of people around who saw it. It was so painful. I can’t even explain all horror of that!

Anyway, I left. I had a HUGE, black bruise on my arm.

And this guy later the same day called me and told he has no idea why I got so upset and he didn’t mean to heart me. Really……..

After that case, I always tell my friend when I’m going out with a new guy. Location, name, pics, ….

P.s He tried to meet me again (probably wanted more blood and meat). I never have seen him again.